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Celtic Blue Titanium Wedding Band

Celtic wedding bands are a tremendously popular choice thanks to their symbolic meanings. Though the interpretation of the Celtic knots and designs has changed over the centuries, there are a few of the symbols that have stood the test of time. The infinity knot is one of these classic Celtic symbols whose meaning is very clear.

The unending pattern of the Celtic knot is looped in an hourglass shape that symbolizes a continuous, forever lasting bond. Because of this, a Celtic infinity knot wedding band is a powerful symbol of the lifelong bond a man and woman create on their wedding day. By committing to each other for eternity, a couple makes the promise that they will spend their forever together; a promise that is symbolized by the never-ending infinity symbol.

Our Celtic blue titanium wedding band features the distinct, simple infinity knot design that stands for the principle of eternity. This popular wedding band is crafted from titanium and decorated with an engraved, blue titanium oxide Celtic infinity knot for a striking appearance. For couples who love the look of a Celtic titanium infinity ring but prefer a more subdued look, the wedding band’s design also comes in a black titanium oxide coating. At Apples of Gold we pride ourselves on our ability to customize our jewelry pieces, which is why we can even create a green titanium oxide engraving in the ring that is perfect for men who want to celebrate their Irish heritage. Whichever color you choose, our Celtic titanium infinity band is a time-tested choice imbued with powerful meaning.

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