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April Birthstone: Diamond

Lucky April babies can claim the coveted diamond as their birthstone – much to the chagrin of loved ones trying to buy birthday jewelry on a budget. The in-demand diamond gemstone has been sought after for centuries by mankind thanks to its beauty, sparkle and hardness which, interestingly, are the same reasons the gem is so beloved to this day.  For April birthday men and women who want to learn a bit more about their birthstone, read on for fun history and mythological details on the illustrious diamond.

History of the Diamond

The formation of a natural diamond occurs when carbon deposits undergo extreme pressure and heat, causing a change to occur in the carbon that crystalizes to form a diamond gemstone. Diamonds were first mined and treasured in India somewhere between 3,000 and 6,000 years ago. Because a diamond is the hardest natural material known, it made a high quality tool for cutting and sharpening, increasing its value and worth. Ancient Indians were also among the first to use the diamond for adornment and jewelry, with other cultures including the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans following suit.

Diamonds were first used in engagement rings during the 15th century, although they didn’t become the predominant engagement ring gemstone until the late 1800s. As diamond mining became a thriving industry, diamonds were more readily available in the jewelry market and soon became synonymous with engagement rings. The diamond became the official birthstone of April in the early 20th century, which has led women born in other months to wish that they too could have the beautiful diamond as their birthstone.

Diamond Myths

In ancient India, many people believed that a diamond should not be cut from its original formation because it would reduce to gemstone’s magical powers. Greeks believed that diamonds were tears from the Gods, while Romans thought that diamonds were splinters of stars that fell from the heavens. During the Middle Ages a popular myth was that a diamond darkened when a guilty person looked at the stone and brightened when the gem was peered into by a person full of virtue and innocence.

Diamond Birthstone Jewelry

Luckily for today’s April-born diamond lovers, Apples of Gold has a great selection of stunning yet affordable diamond jewelry. Rings with a small embedded diamond are always a classic choice, like our antique style diamond ring, our Art Deco 1/2 carat ring and our unique black diamond and white gold ring. Whichever piece of diamond jewelry you choose, one thing is for sure – you can’t go wrong with the gift of diamonds.

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