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Gorgeous Gemstone Solitaire Rings

Gemstone solitaire rings are among the most versatile pieces of jewelry. The beauty is in their simplicity, which gives them the ability to be worn with just about anything. Always on the lookout for great pieces of quality jewelry to offer to our customers, Apples of Gold is proud to introduce our eye-catching line of gemstone solitaire rings.

Not only do our gemstone rings come in an array of different precious and semi-precious gems, they also come in different settings and carats as well. This makes it super easy for the fashion lover – or someone who wants to give a great gift to their favorite fashion lover – to essentially customize their ideal gemstone solitaire ring. White gold lovers who love big, dramatic gemstones can have a white gold band set with a large aquamarine gemstone, and yellow gold afficionados who prefer the understated look can snap up a stunning sapphire solitaire.

The gemstone solitaire rings give off a fun pop of color against a spare setting and simple band to create a modern, vibrant look. Some of our personal favorites include the warm and summery citrine solitaire set in a yellow gold band, and the London blue topaz set in icy white gold. But good looks aside, there are technical reasons why our gemstone solitaire rings are so special and so coveted – namely, all the gemstones used in our rings are all large, quality, AAA rated gems. It’s the gemological equivalent of possessing both brains and beauty – and we’re proud that they’re ours to offer.

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