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Choosing the Best Metal for Your Wedding Bands

When you’re shopping for wedding bands, one of the first decisions you need to make is which metal you’d like your rings to be. But, how do you decide? Here’s the scoop on four popular metals to help you pick the one that’s best for you.

Yellow, White and Rose Gold

Gold is the most popular pick for metal wedding bands, and it’s available in a number of hues, each with its own unique personality. The gold that’s used in jewelry is actually an alloy, a combination of gold and other metals that add durability and determine what color the gold will be. Yellow gold has a sunny sheen, as seen in the Unique Hearts Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold; white gold has a cool look that’s a contemporary classic, as shown in the 14K White Gold Wide Braided Wedding Band; and rose gold gives off a warm, soft glow, as demonstrated in the Engraved Paisley Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold. You can also choose from a wide range of two-tone and tri-color rings that combine multiple metals to create one striking style. No matter which color (or colors) of gold you choose, you’ll end up with a ring that exhibits gleaming good looks, is stronger than sterling silver and is more affordable than platinum.

Paisley Platinum Wedding Band


Platinum is known for its rarity and wedding bands that are crafted from it are the ultimate expressions of love that’s incredibly precious and found just once in a lifetime. The bright, white shine of this metal never fades or tarnishes, making rings like the Paisley Platinum Wedding Band lasting symbols of your affection and commitment. Platinum wedding bands are also quite resistant to wear and naturally hypoallergenic, making them suitable even for those with sensitive skin. While platinum rings cost more than those made of other metals, the incredibly precious nature of platinum makes it an excellent medium for a piece that serves as a lifelong picture of your love.

Silver Flower Wedding Band

Sterling SilverWedding bands crafted of sterling silver, such as the Silver Flower Wedding Band, offer both affordability and good looks. This cool, versatile metal is actually a silver alloy that combines small amounts of other metals with pure silver to lend it the durability it needs to be used in jewelry. Although sterling silver is subject to tarnishing, it’s easy to polish to a high shine.

Titanium Celtic Wedding Band RingTitanium

Titanium is gaining fans for its strength, sleek, cool good looks and affordability. Wedding bands that are crafted from it, such as the Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring, are fitting symbols of the fortitude of your love: they’re made from a metal that’s even stronger than steel. They’re also lightweight, naturally hypoallergenic and non-reactive, meaning that they won’t tarnish or rust. And, these gray, good-looking rings can be purchased at prices that are surprisingly affordable.

The best metal for your wedding band is the one that best fits your lifestyle, budget and personal taste. Use this guide to help you decide.

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