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Trinity Knot Wedding Bands in Honor of St. Patrick’s Day

03-08-2013 celtic-triquetraHappy St. Patrick’s Day! Today is far more than a chance to show off your best green sweater—it’s the feast day of St. Patrick, a man known for spreading Christianity in Ireland. Trinity knot wedding bands, pieces that incorporate a meaningful Celtic knot, call to mind the same message of faith that St. Patrick shared long ago, symbolizing the role that faith plays in your relationship.

St. Patrick took symbols and ideas that were already familiar and meaningful to the Druids and used them to explain spiritual concepts. For instance, he celebrated Easter with bonfires because these people already used fire to honor their gods. In addition, according to legend, he used the three leaves of a shamrock to explain the three Persons of the Holy Trinity.

Celtic Triquetra Wedding Band in 14K White GoldThe trinity knot, also called the triquetra, is also a symbol of the trinity. This three intertwining loops of this Celtic knot motif represent the Persons of the Trinity, and Celtic wedding rings that feature the trinity knot are striking symbols of the presence of God in your relationship. This knot can also serve as a picture of the bond between as husband and wife who are united in the Lord.

The Celtic Triquetra Wedding Band in 14K White Gold is surrounded by a shining repeating trinity knot motif that stands out against a brushed-finish backdrop. Polished edges add extra class to this solid 14K white gold ring, seeming to hem in the curving designs between them. If you prefer, this 7mm-wide ring is also available in 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, sterling silver, 18K gold and platinum by request.

Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band Ring - 14K White Gold

The Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band Ring in 14K White Gold provides a time-honored look for the trinity knot, giving a nod to this symbol’s longstanding ability to serve as an emblem of faith, as well as a picture of lasting love and commitment. A single trinity knot it placed inside of a circle, creating a medallion-like look that serves as the centerpiece for this band. Wrapping this ring is a woven-look Celtic motif, while an antique finish gives the background a dark look that makes the designs that adorn this ring stand out. This classy 7mm-wide piece has strong style and an even stronger message; it’s also available in three other widths, allowing you to choose a ring that’s in perfect proportion to your finger.

Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band, 14K Two-Tone GoldTwo colors of gleaming gold work together to emphasize the pattern of the Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold. Trinity knots are tightly packed together as they surround this 8mm wide band; these gleaming 14K yellow gold motifs stand out as they stand above 14K white gold edges. This bold ring is an excellent way to emphasize your connection with your spouse as well as with your Creator.

Celtic wedding bands that feature the trinity knot are excellent picks for celebrating the role of the triune God in your relationship. Try one to celebrate the faith that St. Patrick taught and its place in your relationship with the one you’ve committed to love for life.


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