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Simple, Strong Gold Crosses

02-20-2013 onxy crossA cross doesn’t need to be fancy to make a strong statement. In fact, gold crosses that are crafted simply and with care are often able to convey the most powerful messages because there is nothing to distract from the symbolism behind them.

It’s only fitting that the most powerful message in history be conveyed with strength. The Apostle Paul wrote that “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” What greater power could there be than the power Jesus demonstrated over the grave?

Holy Warrior Cross Pendant, 14K Yellow GoldThe Holy Warrior Cross Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold portrays a symbol that dates back to the Knights of St. John (also known as the Knights of Malta), a religious order founded in the 11th century to aid and care for Pilgrims making a journey to the Holy Land. The Maltese cross represented their vows to live in faith and in truth, to be merciful and humble, to fight for justice and to endure persecution when necessary.  A 3/4”-high version of this cross is displayed in this striking pendant. Crafted from 14K gold with a gleaming bale, this piece communicates that you’re willing to take a stand for your faith.

Plain cross pendants can often be the most powerful as their simple designs place the focus on the message behind them. These unfussy pieces communicate the measureless love and goodness of God in sending his own Son on our behalf.

11-06-2012 2The Men’s 14K Gold Polished Cross Pendant is as simple as can be, and there’s no mistaking the meaning behind it. This sleek yellow gold cross measures 1 ¼” high, making it large enough to be noticed, but appropriate for any day. Unlike many similarly-designed crosses, this one isn’t hollow or gold plated. It’s crafted skillfully from solid 14K gold, rendering it a piece of fine jewelry of the highest quality. If you’d like, it can be engraved on either side to make it a personalized symbol of the faith that has made all the difference in your life. This gleaming pendant is timeless and classy—it’s no surprise that it’s Apples of Gold’s bestselling men’s cross. If you’d prefer, this cross is also available in 14k white gold, 18k gold and platinum, allowing you to wear a strong style that coordinates perfectly with your existing jewelry collection. In addition, a similar, more petite version is also available for women.

14K Gold Onyx Cross PendantThe 14K Gold Onyx Cross Pendant starts with a similarly-shaped 14 yellow gold cross, but unlike the previously-mentioned pendant, it’s accented by four sleek black onyx stones, adding contrast and a big touch of class. The combination of black and gold is always eye-catching and perpetually in good taste, making this piece a lasting and impactful accent. This solid 1 ¼”-high cross is timeless and the perfect symbol of the resilience of your faith.

Simply styled cross pendants let the message of the cross take the spotlight. Choose one of these pieces to declare this message with strength.

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