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Heart Cross Pendants: Because He is Risen!

1-2-2013 heart crossSince the time of the early church, Christians have greeted one another on this day with the words “He is risen!” and responded by saying “He is risen indeed!” These simple phrases capture the joy of the day that forever changed the course of human history, the day that Jesus conquered death and gave us a way to be right with our Creator once and for all. For every day, and especially for Easter, heart cross pendants are a lovely way to celebrate this victory over death and the gift of life we’ve been given as a result.

Two Hearts Cross Pendant, 14K Rose and Yellow Gold

In his book “His Name is Jesus,” Max Lucado captures some of the wonder of God’s plan to bring us true life, made possible by the resurrection:

“The idea that a virgin would be selected by God to bear himself…The notion that God would don a scalp and toes and two eyes…The thought that the King of the universe would sneeze and burp and get bit by mosquitoes…It’s too incredible. Too revolutionary. We would never create such a Savior. We aren’t that daring…In our wildest imaginings we wouldn’t conjure a king who becomes one of us.

“But God did. God did what we wouldn’t dare dream. He did what we couldn’t imagine. He became a man so we could trust him. He became a sacrifice so we could know him. And he defeated death so we could follow him.”

Diamond Heart Swirl Cross Pendant, 14K White Gold

Christ’s love drove him to defeat death for us, and Christian pendants that combine crosses and hearts beautifully represent this matchless love. For instance, the Two Hearts Cross Pendant in 14K Rose and Yellow Gold places two intertwining 14K rose gold hearts atop of a gleaming 14k yellow gold cross, creating soft contrast that gently draws the eye. In addition to symbolizing the love that Jesus has for us, this piece can also represent the bond that two individuals, joined by Christ, share.

Heart cross pendants that incorporate diamonds can be especially meaningful as they use the most resilient and brilliant of stones to celebrate the love that was demonstrated on the cross and the victory over death that Christ won on our behalf. These dazzling stones serve as symbols that, because He lives, we can live as well.

For instance, the Diamond Heart Swirl Cross Pendant in 14K White Gold places a lively heart that curves with a looping flourish in the center of a sleek, stylized cross, crafted with care from 14K white gold. Half of this heart is accented with diamonds, drawing eyes to its message of love.

Cross and Heart Diamond Pendant, 14K White GoldThe Cross and Heart Diamond Pendant in 14K White Gold is one of Apples of Gold’s most popular pieces of Christian jewelry, and it’s easy to see why. This gleaming piece surrounds a simply-styled cross with a heart that sweeps around it like the arms of a tender embrace. The sides of this graceful heart are accented with eight channel-set diamonds, creating a look that’s both elegant and meaningful.

No piece of jewelry could fully capture the wonder of the resurrection, but Christian jewelry that combines hearts and crosses is a lovely way to celebrate it. Happy Easter!

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