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Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

vintage-filigree-blue-diamond-engagement-ringWhat could possibly be more fabulous than a beautiful, vintage design engagement ring set with a sparkling diamond? Said ring with sparkling colored diamond, that’s what.  Colored diamonds make a lovely alternative to the typically clear diamond used in engagement rings, especially for nontraditional, modern couples. Colored diamonds come in a variety of hues including pink and yellow, as well as the more unique colors like black or blue.

What Is A Colored Diamond?

Black and blue colored diamonds are genuine clear diamonds that have been color enhanced through heat treatment or irradiation. These processes alter the hue of the diamond to bring out a brilliant blue or black color that is permanent. The biggest benefit of choosing a beautiful colored diamond instead of using a gemstone with the same hue is the sparkle and brilliance that can only be reflected from a diamond. Though onyx and sapphires look similar to blue or black diamonds, they cannot create the same pop, fire or sparkle that is inherent to a diamond.vintage-black-diamond-white-gold-ring

Our Favorite Colored Diamond Rings

We love the way black diamonds and blue diamonds dazzle when paired with a vintage style ring, which is why we’re highlighting our absolute favorite colored diamond designs. If you too love the unique beauty of colored diamonds, you just might fall in love with the styles below:

Vintage Style White Gold and Black Diamond Ring

Though this finely detailed piece (shown at right) would make a showstopper of an engagement ring, it makes an equally fabulous right hand ring. The black diamond creates a dramatic contrast against the engraved white gold band for stunning effect.
Art Deco Style Black Diamond and White Gold Ring

This ring has a uniquely architectural design that evokes a stylish Art Deco sensibility. The result is a surprisingly modern piece of jewelry that makes a statement with its black diamond center stone.
Vintage Filigree Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Victorian era engagement rings often used colored stones in lieu of pricier diamonds, but this pretty ring (pictured at top) contains the best of both worlds. Girls who love color will enjoy the brilliant blue hue of the center stone, while fans of diamonds can appreciate the sparkle and fire of the gemstone in a whole new light.

Vintage Blue Diamond Filigree Band in White Gold

The intricate detail on this vintage style filigree ring is exquisite. The blue diamond set in the middle gives it a gorgeous sparkle that sets it apart from other antique style rings. It’s an ideal choice for women who appreciate old-fashioned craftsmanship and detailing.

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