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Fleur De Lis Diamond and White Gold Pendant

fleur-de-lis-white-gold-and-diamond-pendant-necklace1Few symbols have as storied a history as the fleur de lis. First used in Mesopotamia and Egypt, the fleur de lis symbol is more widely known as a representation of French royalty. During the 14th century, the three petals of the fleur de lis symbol came to stand for the virtues of wisdom, faith and chivalry. They became a popular choice for a coat of arms symbol for French military and royal families alike.

In art, the fleur de lis has represented a number of things, most prominently virtue and spirituality. With such a varied history that weaves through vastly different cultures, it’s no wonder that so many people throughout the centuries have identified with the elegant symbol. Even today the fleur de lis appears prevalently in design, fashion, art and architecture.

Diamond and White Gold Fleur De Lis Pendant

Regardless of its symbolic meanings, the fleur de lis is an undeniably beautiful design. It’s visually appealing and simple, but still retains a strong graphic presence that makes a statement. If you love the fleur de lis as much as we do, we recommend you take a peek at our new solid white gold and diamond studded fleur de lis pendant.

The pendant is finely crafted from 10K white gold for a sturdy, lasting piece of jewelry. The diamonds embedded in the design are also high quality, and give the piece a little extra sparkle. It’s also priced incredibly well at under $150, and would make an excellent present for the special women in your life. Thanks to the fleur de lis’ connotations of virtue, wisdom and spirituality, our pendant would also make a great Mother’s Day present. The lovely fleur de lis design even comes pre-strung on a matching 18 inch white gold rope chain, making it the perfect ready-to-wear gift.

Learn more about this gorgeous piece of jewelry, and find out how to purchase it here. Or, browse our selection of other fine pendants and find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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