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Diamond Bridal Sets

Diamodn Bridal Set - traditionalMany eager boyfriends spend all of their time, money and focus on finding the engagement ring – with little thought to the ring that seals the marriage, the bridal band.  If we can impart one piece of advice on future grooms, it would be this: before you buy your girlfriend the engagement ring of her dreams, stop for a moment and consider the coordinating wedding band.  Especially when buying a beautiful diamond engagement ring, the diamond wedding band should fit flush against the engagement ring and match it in style and design.

When finding a matching diamond engagement ring and wedding band is not done from the outset, many engaged men find themselves in a predicament when the wedding looms and it’s time to find a coordinating band.  Unless the engagement ring is a simple ring with few distinguishing shapes or characteristics, many guys have to spring for the cost of a custom made wedding band in order to match their chosen engagement ring.  This is not only a time-consuming process, it is also much costlier than buying a pre-made Diamond Bridal Set Vintagediamond bridal band.

Diamond Bridal Sets: A Savvy Solution

One of the easiest, most logical ways to avoid the predicament of mismatched engagement ring and wedding band is to purchase a beautiful diamond bridal set.  Not only are diamond bridal sets often a better deal than buying the two rings separately, they are guaranteed to match perfectly, regardless of the engagement ring’s unique shape and characteristics. It’s an ideal solution that the couple can agree on: she will love the fact that the bridal set matches, and he will love the great deal and simplified shopping; a win-win for both parties.

Three Diamond Bridal Sets We Love (Shhh… They’re A Bargain Too)

Ironically, three of our favorite diamond bridal sets are each under a thousand dollars. The total carat weights range from 1/3 carat to a sizeable 3/4 carat, giving them an impressive sparkle she will love.

The Traditional Diamond Bridal Set

Over half a carat of diamonds is set in this 14K solid white gold bridal ring set for a stunning effect (diamond bridal set shown at top left). The look is very classic and traditional, with one large center stone held in place with prongs surrounded by small channel diamonds and a matching diamond band.

The Vintage Style Diamond Bridal Set

Diamond Bridal Set antiqueThe vintage style diamond bridal set (above, right) is Art Deco inspired and sparkles with nearly 3/4 carats of diamonds. The center diamond is surrounded by two halos of pave diamonds that also dust the band for endless shimmer. This diamond bridal set catches the light like no other, and the halos visually enlarge the engagement ring’s center stone.

The Antique Diamond Bridal Set

The antique style has been making a huge comeback for diamond wedding rings, which is why we just love this romantic diamond bridal set (at left). The shape of the engagement ring is unique and highly detailed, and the curved white gold band follows the shape perfectly for a flush fit that looks like it was custom made.

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