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Have You Seen the Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Cocktail Ring?

Mandarin Garnet & Diamond Ring in 14K White GoldApples of Gold recently unveiled a unique and striking ring, one that showcases a gemstone with rare beauty: the Mandarin garnet. The Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White Gold is a truly show-stopping piece as it showcases an uncommon variety of a popular semiprecious gemstone in a timelessly glamorous style.

This recent addition to Apples of Gold’s collection of garnet rings has a head-turning fiery sparkle, thanks to the stunning Mandarin garnet that serves as its star attraction. Although the garnet is a widely-used semiprecious gemstone, this variety of garnet is a rare find, both for its scarcity and for its unique beauty.

rare 14K white gold Mandarin garnet and diamond halo ringLike all garnets, the Mandarin garnet has a warm glow, but this stone takes warm sparkle to a new level with its saturated orange-red hue. Also called a spessartite garnet, this gem dazzles like a flame on the wearer’s finger, and isn’t content to fade into the background.

While the garnet has been used in jewelry since biblical times, the Mandarin garnet has only been known for about a century. This breathtaking gem was discovered in Africa in the early 20th century, and since that time, it’s been unearthed in only a few small deposits. This, it’s a gem with truly out of-the-ordinary beauty.

dazzling Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White GoldThe dazzling Mandarin garnet that’s showcased in this sophisticated ring is an oval-shaped gem measuring 10mm high and 8mm wide. This sizeable stone positively pops in contrast to the 34 small round diamonds that accompany it. Forming a frame of colorless glitter around the center gem are two dozen of these diamonds, while the remaining 10 diamonds stud the slender band that holds it. With a foundation of gleaming 14K white gold, this garnet and diamond ring halo ring has the perfect combination of timeless glamour, striking color and absolutely exquisite style.

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