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Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to matters of the heart, love knows no boundaries. And when it comes to engagement rings, the heart shaped diamond is a romantic classic to love.  Case in point: our very own heart shaped diamond engagement ring, which comes set in 14K white gold and can be found in a half carat, 3/4 carat and 1 carat size.  It symbolizes love, devotion and a lasting commitment – perfect for the promise of a lifetime of happiness.

Heart cut diamond rings are a good pick for hopeless romantics and for those who appreciate the inherent symbolism of the heart shape.  The majority of diamond engagement rings are a round brilliant cut, princess cut or emerald cut, which makes the heart shaped diamond a distinctive choice as well.  The heart shaped diamond also carries a touch of whimsy that is appealing to many women, and is definitely a girly, feminine choice.

As perfect as it is for a Valentine’s Day proposal, the heart shaped diamond engagement ring is a unique and beautiful option year-round. For a woman who loves hearts, pair the heart shaped diamond engagement ring with a heart-covered wedding band. The great thing about a heart shaped diamond engagement ring is its versatility; not only does it make a lovely engagement ring, it can also be worn as a right hand ring after the wedding once replaced by a wedding band.

Whether you are getting engaged this Valentine’s Day or sometime in the future, our beautiful diamond engagement ring is sure to capture your heart – pun intended.

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