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March Birthstone: Aquamarine

The birthstone shared by dreamy Pisces and fiery Aries alike, Aquamarine is an irresistible blue gem that exudes a spirited, playful vibe. For jewelry lovers born in the month of March, the light blue Aquamarine birthstone is an incredibly versatile birthstone due to its nearly-neutral hue that goes with everything. Though aquamarine is mostly paired with white gold and silver jewelry settings these days, it looks equally dashing set in yellow gold. Aquamarine and white gold jewelry has an appealingly pale, wintery look while yellow gold settings add a gentle warmth to the icy gemstone’s blue depths.

March Birthstone: Aquamarine History, Myths and Mysticism

Aquamarine gemstones come in a range of blue hues, from very pale ice blue to teal. A form of the mineral beryl, aquamarine shares the same family as emeralds, and ranks at a 7.5 – 8 on the Moh’s hardness scale, making it a durable gemstone resistant to scratches and nicks. Thanks to the March birthstone’s clear, watery appearance folklore tells the tale of aquamarine being locked away in a mermaid’s treasure chest beneath the ocean. According to legend, aquamarine was blessed by the god of the sea, which resulted in the gemstone becoming the unofficial good luck charm for sailors on long sea journeys.

Aquamarine, as with most gemstones, has many mystical properties attributed to itself. It is  said to prevent seasickness as well as provide mental clarity, to increase intelligence, and to represent hope and promote harmony. Interestingly, since the March birthstone is also associated with successful marriage, aquamarine jewelry is a popular wedding day gift from the groom to his bride. Thanks to its blue hue, it also serves as the ‘something blue’ a bride can wear on her wedding day.

March Birthstone: Aquamarine Jewelry Gifts

If you have a loved one born in March, consider investing in one of these aquamarine jewelry items.  They are among our personal favorites, as well as some of the most popular pieces of jewelry we offer:

1. Princess Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold – Fit for a princess, this aquamarine and diamond ring sparkles brilliantly with a 2 carat center stone flanked by pave diamonds around the band.

2. Cushion Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14K White Gold – For the consummate fashionista with a penchant for statement jewelry, this aquamarine cocktail ring is the perfect birthday present.

3. Vintage Floral Aquamarine Ring in 14K White Gold – Vintage lovers will rejoice in receiving this heirloom-quality aquamarine ring styled after antique Victorian-era rings.

For more gorgeous aquamarine rings to give or get, be sure to visit our entire selection of stunning baubles, perfect for the March-born jewelry lover.

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