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Help Save a Child’s Life in an AIDS Related Community

December 1st, 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day–a day when individuals and organizations from around the world join together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic.

Apples of Gold Jewelry believes it is inherent within our business model to sanctify a sliver of time in our busy schedules to meditate on a world event that beckons our immediate attention.

Help Save a Child’s Life in an AIDS Related Community

More than 15 million children around the world have lost one or both parents to HIV and AIDS.

Join Apples of Gold Jewelry in sponsoring a child whose community has been effected by HIV/AIDS. As CEO of Apples of Gold, I currently sponsor four children through World Vision (one for each child that I have in my own family)–and now another through our company.

It is wonderful to faithfully receive letters, drawings, and pictures from children over the years and be able to “watch” them grow, do well in school, and help enrich their communities. My hope is to one day take my own children to visit our sponsored children around the world.

If you sponsor a child, let us know about it! We would love to hear your story!

What else can you do to help?

  • Visit World Aids Campaign to learn more about World Aids Day.
  • Help spread awareness: one of the major goals of the World Aids Campaign is the dissemination of knowledge. While for many of us even the thought of educating ourselves about AIDS scares us and contains a certain stigma, it is important to speak to your friends and family about HIV/AIDS and bring yourself up-to-date on the facts.
  • Write about AIDS awareness and World Aids Day on your company or personal blog.
  • Make a Pledge to donate to an AIDS related cause. There are many trustworthy charitable organizations, such as World Vision, who work to treat and educate HIV/AIDS related communities around the world.

If nothing else, it is important that we, as U.S. citizens and citizens of all nations, to take a short breather from our holiday shopping and acknowledge the ongoing, global threat of HIV/AIDS and what we can do to help fight or reduce the spread of such a devastating pandemic.

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