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Personalized Handwritten Wedding Bands

Anyone can buy a ring or wedding band, but adding a personalized touch can create a memory that can never be forgotten or lost.  Personalized jewelry dates back to the 14th century when people would engrave personal messages on lockets and ID bracelets in France.  Today, the tradition is just as special as stories of lovers lost and vigilant soldiers carried engraved jewelry for years, each leading them to their true loves.

Personalized wedding bands are a unique commitment and Apples of Gold has added an additional choice to the beloved jewelry tradition, Apples of Gold Personalized Handwritten Wedding Bands.  You can now personalize your wedding band with your own handwriting in three simple steps. First create a handwriting inscription as an image file (.tif, .jpeg, or .gif), secondly order a personalized handwritten wedding band, and lastly email your handwriting image with your order.

The beauty and significance of the handwritten inscriptions cannot be denied and can be engraved into a 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, or 14K rose gold wedding band. Each Personalized Wedding Band is available in ring sizes ranging from 5mm – 8mm and includes a comfort fit and domed profile.  Your handwriting is smoothly and elegantly engraved into a high quality wedding band flowing with the natural curves of the ring either on the outside or inside of the wedding band.

Begin your new life, or renew an old commitment, with the personalization and emotion of a Personalized Handwritten Wedding Band by Apples of Gold.

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