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His and Hers Wedding Bands

two halves one flesh wedding band ring setYou and your beloved are matched in heart and mind, matching your wedding rings is the final unifying gesture. His and hers wedding bands come in a variety of styles designed to incorporate masculine and feminine aspects into one ring.

When choosing a set of his and hers wedding bands, you are looking for the design that will complement the personality and style of both the bride and the groom. The main difference in the rings will be their thickness. If you’ve decided you’d like to have matching wedding band ring sets, then your aim will be to choose a design that appeals to both parties.

A woman’s band will typically be thinner than the man’s band. This is due to the naturally smaller size of a woman’s hand and the fact that the band is often paired with the diamond engagement ring. The woman’s band typically measures between 3 and 5.5 mm in width.

Men with larger hands will appreciate the option of choosing a wider, heftier band. 6-10mm is the common range for the width of a man’s wedding ring. When selecting a band of wider width, be sure to look for rounded edges for a more comfortable fit.

Certain couples, due to varying skin tones and preferences, may not be able to agree upon the perfect metal for the bands. Don’t worry! Nearly all of the wedding bands in the Apples of Gold collection can be customized to reflect metal preferences. If he prefers white gold and she prefers rose gold, choose an identical design and simply vary the metal. Two-tone and tri-color rings that blend two or three shades of gold can also make a good compromise.

two tone gold braided his and hers wedding band ring setAs his and hers wedding bands are often simpler in their design—to accommodate the tastes of both the bride and the groom—they are easily personalized with engraving. A favorite Bible verse, a special message, or the date of your wedding can be etched along the inner surface to bestow deeper meaning and significance upon your rings.

While many of the Apples of Gold Wedding bands are sold separately—they are all available as a matching set for both women and men: you choose the ring size and then purchase accordingly—some his and hers wedding bands can be purchased as sets. For couples looking to further reduce the cost of their wedding bands, Titanium wedding bands are a lustrous option. Apples of Gold features several styles in varying widths—perfect for both men and women.

When looking for his and hers wedding bands, Apples of Gold rings are a perfect match.

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