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How to Care for Gemstone Jewelry

amethyst and diamond ring white goldNot everyone is aware of just some basic tips in caring for your genuine gemstone jewelry. For example, one of the main culprits of damaging your precious gems is leaving them exposed to direct heat or sunlight for extended periods of time.That doesn’t meant that you can’t wear your gemstone ring out on a sunny day! You most definitely can. But leaving your ring in your car expoed to direct sunlight on a very hot day, for example, can discolor your gemstone.Whereas diamonds are nearly indescrutible, gemstones are more sensitive and delicate to the elements. So be aware of where you leave your ring when not worn.

Don’t shower with your gemstone ring! The shower is among the most dangerous places for your gems, especially if you like to take hot showers (like i do!) Not to mention that unless you are ultra-strict about using only organic and natural soaps and shampoos, the harsh chemicals in some soaps and shampoos can react with your gems, sometimes even with your precious metals, like white gold or sterling silver, because of the compound of various alloys that are used in your jewelry.

three stone sapphire ringAvoiding rigorous acitivty when wearing your gemstone jewelry is a reasonable, common-sense measure that every gemstone jewelry wearer should take! Take it off when gardening, swimming, serious hiking, or engaging in sports.

Remove your gemstone jewelry when cleaning house! This should be a no-brainer. You are not only dealing with harsh chemical cleaners that could easily damage your gemstone, but you are also interacting with sharp objects and other metals that could scratch or damage your gemstone jewelry. Unlike diamonds, gemstone are generally soft and need a little extra tender love and care!

  • Common sense is the best rule of thumb. My wife lost her engagement ring 5 years into our marriage and when we could finally afford to buy her a new one many, many years later, we now ensure to take every precaution to neither lose her ring or damage it by ignoring the steps above! Love your jewelry? Take care of it!

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