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When You Should Take Off Your Wedding Rings

three-stone-princess-cut-diamond-engagement-ringMost brides — and sometimes grooms — love their new wedding rings so much and are so sentimentally attached to their new engagement or wedding ring, and for whatever various reasons, they determine to never take them off! After all, it’s a power and meaningful symbol of the eternal love you share with your husband or wife.

But we thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about the various issues that can arise from never taking off your rings! — At least in terms of jewelry care. Once in a while someone has a purchased a braided wedding band or a diamond engagement ring with small diamonds alongside the band and has accidentally damaged their ring. It’s not always the customer’s fault; sometimes it’s just an accident and other times it may even be that the soldering or setting was not done correctly and Apples of Gold Jewelry always works hard with their customers to ensure that everyone is happy in the end! But some rings jus a little extra love and tender care.

Here Are Times When You Should Take Off Your Wedding Rings

And this really applies to most jewelry.

When sleeping at night. Not only can it be uncomfortable, but you never know what kind of damage you may do when you’re not actively conscious! Although there are few things that can damage your rings – after all, soft pillows and blankets shouldn’t be a problem, you never know if you might hit your hand against your bedside table or what could happen when you’re asleep! It’s also a good idea to give your fingers some time off for circulation.

When showering. There are all kinds of hazardous materials in your shower! Unless you are into all-natural, organic soaps and shampoos with absolutely no hidden chemicals or additives, we don’t recommend showering with your jewelry. Various chemicals in soaps and shampoos can react with your lovely engagement and wedding ring to cause all sorts of problems. Rings with gemstones should also not be treated to high temperatures. So if you like that extra-hot shower (like I do!) — take your gemstone ring off! Diamonds have no adverse affect with heat, but you still have the various precious metals to contend with, including the various alloys that make up your ring. So keep them away from harsh, inorganic chemicals.

When House Cleaning. Oh, man, don’t even get me started. This one should be a no-brainer. You’re dealing with sharp objects, metals, harsh chemicals, and all kinds of things that can damage your rings. Just don’t do it. Not to mention that the soap on your hands could loosen up the fit on your ring and it can fall down the drain! Not a good idea.

While Playing Sports, Gardening, Hiking, or Rigorous Activity. If my chain saw hits the dirt a few times for even a few seconds when I’m chopping tree trunks or limbs, the chain is done with and I have to get it re-sharpened. Thing of your engagement rings the same way. You don’t want to be gardening with your brand white gold diamond ring. Rocks and dirt scratch your rings. A lot of this is common sense, we know. But loyal brides just don’t to take off their wedding rings! Sports are an obvious activity where you should take off your wedding rings. Use reason when engaging in any rigorous activity.

When can you wear your wedding and engagement rings? There are plenty of opportunities to wear your new engagement rings, just use reason and common sense.

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