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How To Care For Platinum

Platinum is the rarest and most expensive metal used in jewelry crafting. Thirty-five times rarer than gold, the lovely metal is currently quite close in price to gold, fueling the flames of its popularity. Many couples choose platinum for their wedding bands and engagement ring due to its strength and durability. But despite the fact that it is much stronger than gold, platinum jewelry still requires vigilant care and cleaning to keep it looking beautiful and new.

Proper Storage of Platinum Jewelry

Platinum, though a strong metal, can still be scratched by other items in your jewelry box. As such, your platinum jewelry should be kept away from other jewelry with gemstones, especially diamonds. Over time, platinum jewelry kept with other hard items will gather small scratches and dents in the surface that affect the luster and wear off the high shine polish of the metal.

Store your platinum properly in individual soft chamois bags, or in their own space in a suede or soft fabric-lined jewelry box. This will keep the metal shiny and lustrous for years to come.   platinum-and-rose-gold-wedding-ring

Cleaning Platinum Jewelry

Platinum jewelry can be cleaned with the same jewelry cleaners used for gold. Or, simply mix a mild soap and water solution, and allow the platinum jewelry to soak in the solution for ten minutes. Then, rinse off the solution thoroughly with warm water (not over a sink, or with the drain completely plugged) and polish gently with a soft cloth. Platinum can be cleaned once per week for items that are worn frequently. Remember to always remove your platinum jewelry before doing housework or cleaning in order to keep the metal looking newer, longer.

Polishing Platinum Jewelry

Though platinum will never dull, oxidize or change colors, owners of platinum jewelry will note that over time the platinum seems to “dull” and appears to be a deeper gray color.  This is actually due to small scratches and dents in the ring that accumulate over time. These scratches wear off the high sheen polish that the metal has when purchased.

In order to restore platinum’s high polish, the jewelry should be taken to a qualified jewelry who works with platinum. He or she can easily polish the item to eliminate the scratches and dents, restoring the platinum piece of jewelry to a nearly new condition.

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