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Blue Titanium Wedding Bands

The beauty of titanium wedding bands is that the metal is durable and can be coated with other colors.  A popular look for men’s wedding bands, colored titanium rings usually feature an engraved design that is specially powder coated with black, red, green or blue.  The addition of color makes the ring standout, and allows a guy to incorporate his favorite color into his wedding band.

We’ve already featured some of our most popular Black Titanium Wedding Bands, but our Blue Titanium Wedding Bands are also a hit with many future grooms. Titanium wedding bands are a strong, durable choice for guys who like to play sports or enjoy the outdoors, while the blue design adds a cool effect to the ring without sacrificing masculinity.  Additionally, the blue color is powder-coated titanium oxide that will last throughout the life of the ring, making it virtually maintenance-free. The result is a wedding band that is unique, manly and eye-catching – what more could a guy want?

Apples of Gold carries a variety of blue titanium wedding bands. Designs range from a simple, sleek line of blue titanium oxide to an elaborate Celtic knot etched into the titanium.  If you like the look of blue titanium, we encourage you to check out our entire selection of Titanium Wedding Bands. Here are some of our favorites we’d like to highlight:

Lined Blue Titanium Wedding Band

This band (shown at top left) is for the traditional man who likes to keep things simple. Two thin blue lines are inlaid in the titanium wedding band for durable style.  A more modern version of this ring features only one blue line in titanium oxide that is slightly off-center and makes a statement.

Celtic Blue Titanium Wedding Band

blue-titanium-wedding-band-celtic-heartsThe continuous, seamless look of Celtic patterns make them a popular design choice for wedding bands. This Celtic Titanium band (at right) features endless interwoven hearts that are abstract enough to be masculine. If hearts aren’t your favorite Celtic design, consider our Celtic infinity ring, which featured the hourglass infinity design in the signature blue titanium oxide.

Christian Themed Blue Titanium Wedding Bands   blue-titanium-wedding-band-crosses

The Christian themed wedding band is ideal for men who want to proudly wear their faith.  The Blue Cross Titanium Wedding Band features three simple crosses in the middle of the ring while the blue ichtys titanium band features one simple ichthys fish.  These bands are a great way to express your faith and love for God as well as your devotion to your marriage.

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