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Is Rose Gold the New White?

rose gold engagement ringFor the past decade, white gold has reigned supreme in the jewelry world. It served as the gold of choice for trendsetters and was especially popular in engagement and wedding rings. However, the past two seasons have ushered in a new hue vying for top spot in the world of jewelry: rose gold. The fashion industry in particular has seen a strong resurgence in jewelry crafted from this lovely metal; from high-end men’s watches to delicate bangles and rose gold rings, rose gold is enjoying a new Renaissance.

One reason for its growing popularity is its rich, romantic hue that looks wonderful on most skin tones, especially those with warm undertones. Plus, for people who enjoy wearing bronze and copper jewelry (a recent fashion must), rose gold offers a luxury alternative with a similar look. You might put aside your copper bangles after one season of wear, but rose gold bangles can be worn for life.

Also, unlike white gold, rose gold has a wide range of hues – from a sweet light pink to fiery amber, a simple change in the composition can create brilliantly unique looks. This gives rose gold a versatile quality. Deeper tones will perfectly compliment the rich, warm colors of a Fall wardrobe while the lighter pink colored rose gold looks lovely against a pastel Spring palette. The latest look is a pairing of rose gold and yellow or white gold on a trilogy of rings, or even on the same band, bangle or earrings.

Katie Holmes engagement ring looks lovely with rose gold surrounding the diamond.

Katie Holmes engagement ring looks lovely with rose gold surrounding the diamond.

Though rose gold’s rebirth started with trendy jewelry lines, it is quickly becoming a jewelry box staple. The rising popularity of rose gold engagement and wedding rings is evidence that the look is here to stay. More and more couples are choosing the rich tones of rose gold to play against a diamond’s cool sparkle for a unique look to last a lifetime. Buying fashion-forward jewelry in rose gold is one thing; buying rose gold for rings a couple will wear for life is much deeper commitment to the beautiful metal.

So although white gold will always be here to stay, suffice to say that rose gold is the new gun in town. It has made its way from trendy runways to use in top quality pieces destined to become treasured family heirlooms. Though the price may be higher, its an investment in quality and uniqueness that will be enjoyed for decades to come.

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