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Top Four Ways To Keep Gold Looking Great

Your investment in gold jewelry should last for generations to come, as long as you properly care for it. When buying a beautiful piece of jewelry, taking care of it is often an afterthought. But regular wear requires regular care if you want your pieces to look their shiny, beautiful best. Here is a list of the Top Four Ways to Keep Gold Looking Great:

1. There is a Time to Wear, and a Time to Put it Away.

Sounds simple, right? It may be easy, but it’s a rule that is often forgotten. Even if you are absolutely in love with your wedding band, there are times when you should part with it. For example, gold should not ever be worn in swimming pools or jacuzzis due to the chlorine that can oxidize it.

Another time to take off your gold is when you are moving, building something, playing sports, or doing major housework. Higher Karat gold is very malleable, and is easily scarred for life with dents, dings and scratches from continual wear and abuse. Take it off for the heavy lifting, and wear it with love after the hard work is done to preserve gold’s smooth finish.

2. Avoid Chemicals like the Plague.

Chlorine is gold’s public enemy number one. Extended exposure will ruin your gold by oxidizing the metal and turning it black. Exercise extreme caution while wearing gold jewelry around all household cleaning products, pools, jacuzzis, and detergents. Bleach is another top offender that should never come in contact with gold. Keep your jewelry safe by removing gold rings, watches and bracelets before doing the laundry.

A list of lesser evils includes perfumes, cologne, hairspray and lotions. These can all temporarily tarnish your gold, so make a habit of putting on your jewelry after all personal grooming is done.

3. Safe Storage is a Must.

Jewelry boxes should be lined in velvet or satin to prevent the gold from getting scratched. Also, never keep multiple gold pieces in a pouch together, especially if they have gemstones. The gemstones are much stronger than the gold and will scratch it if kept together. Wrap smaller pieces of gold (stud earrings, for example) in tissue paper if they are stored next to other items.

4. Clean Well and Clean Regularly.

There are many different ways you can clean your gold jewelry. However, high-tech and expensive cleaning gadgetry is not always the most effective solution. For an affordable, easy cleaning method either purchase a jewelry cleaning kit specifically formulated to clean gold, or make an at-home mixture of gentle dish soap and water.

To make your own cleaning solution, mix one part soap to three parts water. Try to use filtered water to eliminate chlorine and other elements that are present in tap water. Soak the gold piece for thirty seconds or so, and then use a very soft toothbrush or clean sponge to remove dirt and debris. Never use toothpaste, as the abrasiveness can permanently dull your gold. Finally, rinse the jewelry off in cold, filtered water and polish with a soft, clean cloth. Polishing jewelry is one of the best ways to keep it shining and beautiful.

If your most-worn gold pieces have gemstones, it is wise to take them into a reputable jewelry store once a year for a professional cleaning. Also have the jeweler check the prongs and fasteners to ensure that they are holding the gemstone snugly and safely.

Following these four simple steps will keep your gold looking its best and brightest for generations to come. Happy Wearing!

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