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The Best Diamond Rings Come In Threes

The number three is an intriguing and unique number. It is the first odd prime number, the first “lucky” prime number, and the first unique prime number. It’s so unequaled that the triangle has been labeled the only perfect figure in the mathematical world. However, this isn’t a mathematical lesson; this is the exploration of the beauty of the number three; which is no exception when it comes to jewelry. Apples of Gold offers a number of beautiful rings that come in threes including a set of 3 Tri-Color Gold Stackable Bands, a Three Stone Blue Diamond Ring, and a White Gold Men’s 3 Stone Diamond Ring.

3 Tri-Color Gold Stackable 0.68 Carat Diamond Bands

Seen above, Apples of Gold’s 3 Tri-Color Gold Stackable 0.68 Carat Diamond Bands each have H-I Color and SI Clarity diamonds. Each band has 16 diamonds strategically placed around a colorful gold circle with hints of color in between each setting. Each band measures 1.6mm wide and when worn together an amazing cohesive effort of elegance is formed including 48 diamonds and a 4.7mm band.

Three Stone Blue Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

Apples of Gold’s Three Stone Blue Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold is no exception to the beauty of the number three. This unique ring is different from traditional 3 diamond rings which usually centers a larger diamond in between two smaller diamonds. This ring gives you three equally beautiful blue diamonds, a total of .36 carats. These 3 diamonds are not only blue but set beautifully on a sleek and artistic band which holds each diamond like a glove.

14k White gold Men's 3 Stone Diamond Ring

Last but not least is my favorite ring, the 14K White Gold Men’s 3 Stone Diamond Ring. Architecturally maneuvered and aesthetically pleasing, this ring is definitely a conversation starter. This high quality ring has 3 stones that seem to melt into the architecture of the band. It fits on your finger at 6mm wide and is adorned with .21 carats of high quality H-I color and Sl1 Clarity stone.

Always remember when purchasing a diamond ring from Apples of Gold that we offer a free ring sizer and that sometimes three is not a crowd.

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