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Jewelry Prices On The Rise: Finding An Outstanding Engagement Ring You Can Afford

Every man wants to give his bride the most extraordinary ring that he can afford. But let’s face it: gold and diamond prices are rising and there are a lot of costs that come with a wedding and setting up house together. Money only stretches so far. But this doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than utterly delightful. Here are a few tips to help you become a savvy engagement ring shopper. Find her the ring that she’ll adore and that you can afford.

Consider A Colored Gemstone. Colored gemstone engagement rings have gained significant popularity in the United States in past years and women love the unique look of a sapphire, emerald, ruby, or chocolate diamond. It’s unexpected, special and intriguing. Colored gemstones are also usually priced far below diamonds, which means you can often get a more substantial stone for far less money. Bold and uncommon, the colored gemstone engagement ring is perfect for the rare beauty you’ve found. She’ll love having a ring that none of her friends already has. And British royalty have favored the colored stone for centuries.

The Three Stone Sapphire Engraved Ring in 14K White Gold shows off the lustrous appeal of the colored stone. Three intense sapphires crown this stone, flanked by a series of 8 small diamonds in a close-set pave setting. Sapphires total 0.75 carats. Check out more engagement-worthy colored gemstone rings HERE.

Count Your Karats. The higher the karat count in the band, the more expensive the ring will be. If you have started to scope out your own ring design you know that the higher the karat weight, the higher the percentage of pure gold is present. That’s attractive, but it’s also important to remember that gold is a characteristically soft material. The more alloy (and the less gold) the higher the durability rating. 14K gold (in any color) is the perfect combination of durable and beautiful. 14k gold is also far more affordable that 18k or 24k gold. It’s an ideal choice for your wedding jewelry.

Buy A Set. You know how it works: buy one, get one free. Well, not exactly, but you will definitely get a better price when you buy a bridal set over a separate engagement ring and wedding band. The other benefit is that rather than trying to perfectly match the engagement ring to the wedding band (not as easy as you think), you have two pieces of jewelry that were essentially “made for each other.”

The 1/2 Carat Diamond Bridal Set is a perfect harmony of two diamond-studded bands in 14k white gold. The large center diamond rounds out the total carat weight at 0.55 carats. Stones are color graded H-I (near colorless).

To browse more bridal sets, click HERE.

Ask Her. Many men assume that a woman desires a diamond ring. In reality, many women might actually prefer a tasteful, simple wedding band. If you want to propose, but you want it to be a surprise, consider buying the band first and not the engagement ring. After you have your ‘yes,’ talk to her about what she wants in an engagement ring. You may find that her tastes are less extravagant than you expected. By talking to her realistically about what she would like, you can make a smarter purchase.

The Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold is a band that can easily stand alone. Its intricate engraved design exhibits the kind of independent elegance that requires no companion engagement diamond. This ring, handcrafted of 14K rose gold, is a beautiful symbol of your enduring love and devotion. She’ll cherish it always.

Shop wedding bands for both of you HERE.


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