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Kick off the Holiday Hunt with a Memorable Piece of Jewelry

14K Gold Onyx Cross Pendant

The holiday season is formally kicking off this month and what better gift to give a loved one this season than a piece of jewelry that celebrates the cross and the genuine meaning of Christmas: the birth of  Jesus Christ.

Apples of Gold has a vast variety of jewelry perfect for the occasion including this gorgeous 14K Gold Onyx Cross Pendant.  This stunning pendant is not only a representation of Christianity but a faithful reminder of the sacrifices made for salvation.

At 9 grams, the 14K Gold Onyx Cross Pendant is a high quality and authentic choice for loved ones at any age.  The pendant stands humbly with the dimensions of 1 1/4 inches by 1 inch and is gracefully decorated with four genuine black onyx stones all strategically place the four endpoints of the cross.  The four genuine black onyx stones are shaped in a rectangular fashion and symbolize the nails placed in Jesus’ hands and feet as well as the crown of thorns placed on his head.

To complete the look, Apples of Gold recommends an option of a 14k gold box chain at either 20 or 24 inches.

Another great gift idea with a similar design theme is the Apples of Gold’s 14K Gold Men’s Onyx Cross Ring; a handsome choice elegantly crafted using gold and black onyx. Protruding gracefully on top of a black onyx circular platform is a 14K gold cross which sits securely on a masculine 14K gold band.  The band surrounds the cross with elegant lines giving the ambiance of protection as it seemingly reaches up to shelter its cherished adornment.

14K Gold Onyx Cross Ring

14K Gold Onyx Cross Ring

Apples of Gold has an array of choices that reveal the true significance of the holidays; I encourage you to peruse the selections and reflect as you decide on the ideal gift for the ones you treasure most.

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