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The Best Bangles for Fall

Bangles are one of biggest jewelry trends this fall and winter season. The virtues of the humble bangle are impressive: they can do everything from dressing up jeans and a t-shirt to adding interest to a formal gown. They can also be worn by women of all ages. From hipster teens to distinguished ladies who lunch, there are the perfect sets of bangles for all walks of life and all occasions. Here is our guide to the best fall bangles:

The Everyday Bangle

Plain yellow gold, rose gold and white gold bangles are the perfect everyday accessories. The fashion-forward set wears their bangles pushed high up the arm in a stationary position. Either choose to pair four to six of thin bangles together, or choose one or two wide bangles to wear for the best look.

Everyday bangles are best kept simple in design, as simplicity allows them to be worn with a wide range of outfits. This allows maximum use and versatility from your pretty investment. For women looking for a twist on traditional bangles, try rose gold bangles or bangles with a hammered pattern.

The Statement Bangle

Beside a basic set of bangles, which is a jewelry box necessity, the other popular style of bangle to wear is a statement bangle. These are lovely, intricate pieces of jewelry that make an outfit instantly stylish. Though they can be worn with just about anything, a great yellow gold statement bangle pairs beautifully with a colorful dress.

The Dressy Bangle

Bangles are not exclusively an every-day jewelry item. Elegant bangles with diamonds and other precious stones are an ideal compliment for formal dresses and other evening wear. Simply wear one on a wrist for an understated look, or pair two diamond bangles together to add drama to an ensemble.

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