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A Wedding Band with Infinite Possibilities

Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring

A wedding band is a piece of jewelry that is worn proudly every day of your married life.  It represents the vows you make before God and family, the love you share with your spouse, and it possibly represents a family tradition to be passed down from generation to generation. With that in mind, pick a wedding band that is representative of your life and don’t shy away from a little character and spice.

A great wedding band choice is the Titanium Celtic Knot Wedding Band from Apples of Gold.  This special Celtic wedding band uses a layer of oxidized titanium in an electrifying green, blue, or black to blaze an intertwining path through the titanium band.  The colorful titanium motif is a symbol of infinity, representing the infinite possibilities in your future as well as a symbolic reminder of your connection with God and your marriage.

Each bold color, made vibrant by the special anodizing process used by Apples of Gold, is a compelling reminder of your dedication.  The technology also allows for the inlay to be protected from scuffs and scratches thanks to the surrounding titanium band.

Inside the Titanium Celtic Knot Wedding Band you can expect a comfortable fit as an inner band securely hugs your finger adding comfort as well as safety to your ring.  Guaranteed to be authentic and high quality, this wedding band is a great choice for an exciting beginning.

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