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Layaway Gold Jewelry

Apples of Gold Jewelry accepts layaway payments on all gold jewelry with easy, automatic payments.

How Does Layaway Work?

When you sign up for our layaway program, you make monthly payments towards the fine jewelry item you would like to purchase. You can choose from a 2 month to 6 month plan.

Each month, an equal amount is automatically charged to your credit card. Once the term of your layaway has been completed and the item has been paid in full, your jewelry will be automatically shipped to you.

Secure Your Item’s Price Now with Layaway

There are many advantages to putting your jewelry on layaway. Not only can you pay for your jewelry over time, but the current price of the item is locked in when you start your layaway plan.

Prices change and usually north; as with the price of all things on the rise, including jewelry, it is a good idea to start on your plan to guarantee the best price on your jewelry.

How to Start

To start an Apples of Gold layaway plan, please call us Toll Free at 877-777-5572 or contact us via email with the item# and the # of months you are interested in and we will send you layaway ordering instructions or take your order right there over the phone.

Payment Options

Equal installments are applied towards your layaway purchase. For example, if the jewelry you are purchasing costs $300, each payment would consist of $100. A 6 month plan on the same item would consist of 6 payments of $50 each–all of which is automatically charged to your card.

Pay Off the Balance At Any Time

Want your jewelry earlier than anticipated? You can pay off the entire balance at any time by simply contacting us. We will charge the remaining balance to your credit card and ship your jewelry to you at any time!

All of our jewelry, as usual, comes with Free FedEx Shipping.

If you have any questions regarding our layaway payment plan, please contact us!

Be sure to read more about Apples of Gold Jewelry to learn about our jewelry, our ethics, and our value-based pricing methodology.

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