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Matching Wedding Bands: Beyond Plain Styles

14K White Gold 7.6mm Braided Wedding Band RingThinking about getting matching wedding bands? While you could go with traditional plain rings, brides and grooms seeking a coordinated look have options far beyond simple, classic styles. Braided wedding bands, hammered styles and Celtic looks are all excellent options for couples who want to celebrate their unity with matching wedding rings. Let’s take a quick tour of just a few examples of the diverse and stunning ways that you can declare your love with a style that suits both him and her.

Braided Wedding Bands

A braid is a fitting symbol of the unity between husband and wife as the strands that comprise it are woven together to create a single cord that’s far stronger than the sum of its parts. It’s also a design that’s equally suited for both men and women, making braided wedding rings excellent picks for couples looking for matching styles.

For instance, the 14K White Gold 7.6mm Braided Wedding Band Ring displays a braid of shining ribbons in classy fashion and frames it with rope-like borders as well as smooth, polished edges. It’s a style with enduring appeal and a meaningful message.14K Two-tone Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring

Hammered Wedding Bands

Hammered wedding bands have the perfect combination of laid-back rugged sensibility and timeless class, and they’re often excellent picks for couples with differing tastes. Their pounded texture is casual yet sophisticated, and it allows them to sustain a few dents and dings without looking worse for the wear.

For example, the 14K Two-tone Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring has a perfectly pounded 14K yellow gold surface that’s hugged between two edges of gleaming 14K white gold, creating an eye-catching sense of contrast. This ring’s perfect partnership of warm and cool allows it to complement any skin tone, and it’s an excellent choice if the bride and groom favor different metals.

Caedmon Celtic Wedding Band, 14K Two-Tone GoldCeltic Wedding Bands

Like braids, Celtic knots are a design with meaning as well as good looks. While the original significance of these motifs is up for debate, many have adopted them as emblems of eternity, making them more than suited for celebrating lifelong love. In addition, the intertwining designs that adorn Celtic wedding bands are excellent pictures of the way that a husband and wife intertwine into one.

The Caedmon Celtic Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold is perfect example of Celtic styles’ unique ability to seem just perfect for brides and grooms alike. Polished lines of 14K yellow gold create an interweaving motif with no beginning or end, while contrasting edges of shining 14K white gold provide the perfect finishing touch. Or, if you and the one you love would prefer a Celtic look with a bit of a modern touch, try a titanium option, such as the Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring.Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring

Each of these rings—and many other expertly-crafted braided, hammered and Celtic styles—is available as a pair in Apples of Gold’s collection of wedding band sets. Whether you choose similar styles or go with a perfectly matching set, you have a wealth of options beyond plain wedding bands.

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