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Pin, Fan, or Tweet: Nine Reasons to Connect with

pink topaz diamond ringWould an exclusive discount on top-quality jewelry make your day? What about a gorgeous close up of one of the season’s tops rings? If so, are you connected with Apples of Gold on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter?

While we’ve been connecting with our customers for a while in Facebook and Twitter, we’re especially thrilled by the recent explosion of Pinterest. Judging from its rapidly growing popularity, so are many of you! Pinterest was created to share pictures of things that inspire and we can think of few things better to do with it than to show you the jewelry that inspires us and that people tell us they love the most.

Of course, we love connecting on Facebook and Twitter, too, and we regularly offer our followers a treasure trove of tips, pictures and links that you’ll be eager to share. In many cases, our social media sites are the only place you can get this information—and a discount or two!

Just in case you need a little more convincing, here are nine fantastic reasons to connect with Apples of Gold on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter:

1. An up-close look at what’s new, trending and flat-out gorgeous.

We’ve all heard the cliché “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and this is seen to be true every time we pin a new picture of one of our rings, necklaces or other jewelry. While we love telling you why we think a particular piece is absolutely fabulous, we’d much rather show you! Through Pinterest, we allow our customers to get a close-and personal look at the jewelry we love.

2. Opportunities to shape what we do.

What you say matters to us! We want to know what you think about what we pin, post and tweet because every time you leave a comment, you help us learn a little more about you and what you like to see and read about. We use what we learn to shape what we do—both through social media and in what we offer on our main website. (Of course if you have a specific question or concern, always feel free to email us at [email protected]!)

3. Exclusive offers only for our followers.

How does 10 percent off plus free shipping sound? By connecting with us, you’ll receive exclusive offers like these—ones that you truly can’t get anywhere else, even in our newsletters or on our website. You’ll also be the first to know when we offer items at a deep discount. We love our followers and we want to say thanks by giving you more opportunities to save than we give to anyone else.

blue diamond art deco ring4. Never missing a holiday sale or steep discount.

When holidays roll around, whether it’s Christmas or Mother’s Day, you won’t be left in the dark about our best jewelry deals. The same thing goes when we offer an item at a deep discount—you’ll be the first to know and the first to get a chance to take advantage of these special savings.

5. Seeing what’s trending.

Want to keep up with what’s on trend as the seasons change? You’ll never be out of the loop when you’re connected with us! We use Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to share the styles that are gaining popularity and that are perfect for the moment.

So, what’s trending right now? Here’s just a taste of the up-to-the minute styles we share:

Pink Topaz rings are hot this summer! Eye-catching bold looks, like the Cushion Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring, are big this season; this ring features a dazzling 2.5 carat pink topaz, framed by glittering round diamonds. Set on a diamond-studded band, it’s sure to make a statement. Or, try a twist on classic style like the Five Stone Pink Topaz Ring.

The Blue Diamond 1/2 Carat Art Deco Ring incorporates two trends: blue diamond rings and vintage rings. A stunning blue diamond, a unique and vibrant variety of a classic stone, is revealed by an opening lotus flower. A band with leaves and swirls completes a look that’s inspired by the 1920s but perfect for today.

Sound good? There’s a lot more where that came from!

6. Direct links to our blogs.

Whether we’re posting about trends for the season or how to choose an engagement ring, you’ll know! We regularly post links to our blogs, giving you a heads up to check them out and learn about everything from the top picks for the current month’s birthstone to the four C’s of a diamond.

Of course, you can always check out our blogs at and Both contain a wealth of articles that have stood the test of time on topic ranging from precious and semi-precious stones to online jewelry shopping tips.

7. Opportunities to learn about our favorite charities.

Giving is a priority for us, both as a company and as individuals, and from time to time we’ll share about how the organizations we support are making a difference around the world. We’re excited by what these organizations are doing and want to spread the word about how your purchases help us give.

8. Doing us a favor!

Did you know that every time you re-pin, like, share or re-tweet you do us a huge favor? You are our best advertising, better than anything we could ever buy. By sharing our pins, posts and tweets with your friends you help to spread the word about us, and this helps us to continue to offer quality jewelry at truly outstanding prices. You help us save money, and we pass on that savings on to you. Your endorsement is the best one we could get and that’s why we do all we can to make connecting with us on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter rewarding and fun.

vintage diamond ring9. Helping us serve you!

When you connect with us, we can serve you better—and that’s a top priority for us! Our name, Apples of Gold, comes from the biblical book of proverbs, and all we do is guided by a desire to honor God and serve our customers. This comes out through our commitment to high moral standards, unquestionable ethics and the fair treatment of all our employees. We do business differently and that’s on purpose.

We believe that God comes first and our neighbors come next. That means that you come before profits and we’re dedicating to serving you in all we do, providing high-quality jewelry below retail prices and offering you the best, most helpful customer service. The more we know about you and the more you connect with us, the better we’re able to do all of that. Through Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, you help give us ways to interact with you and find ways to serve you better. Of course, social media isn’t just a tool for us to learn about you—we also strive to serve you through it, offering you photos you love to re-pin, special deals you’re sure to like and helpful tips and links that are worth re-tweeting.

If you’re not connected with us yet, why wait? Help us serve you better—and enjoy some great perks in the process!

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