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Tips for Buying Engagement Rings Online

three stone princess cut antique diamond engagement ringMore and more consumers are turning every day to online purchasing. From holiday gifts to groceries, buying online is easy, affordable, and convenient. Even big-ticket items like furniture are being sought after online in droves. Even the biggest-ticket item men will purchase, the engagement ring, can also be found online. With a wealth of styles, prices, and options, finding an engagement ring online can be a whole lot easier than driving all over town to get that special ring. The variety of engagement rings available online is unparalleled by nearly every standard retail jewelry store, so if you’re in the market, consider hitting the keyboard to find your lady’s ring and keep these tips in mind.

As with any large purchase, budget is a factor. While there is no minimum (or maximum, for that matter) in buying an engagement ring, grooms-to-be should be conscious of their personal financial limitations. The ring should signify commitment, not an overbearing debt that will add stress to the marriage. That said, buying a ring online opens doors to a range of prices. From economical to extravagant, engagement rings are offered for every budget. Some customers should consider buying a diamond stone (or precious stones for the ring) separately online. Often stones sold separately cost much less than in traditional jewelry stores, which could help stretch the budget. Customers can then buy a setting online or locally. A setting can also be custom made by a jeweler but this could become expensive.

The plethora of styles online could make for an overwhelming search, but this should be considered an advantage. With an extensive selection, future husbands can find just the right piece for their future wife. Customers shouldn’t aimlessly search for an engagement ring, though. They should be conscious of the woman’s personal style and taste, and then search accordingly and with a fashion or type of ring in mind.

The type of diamond is important. The standard four “C’s” of cut, clarity, color, and carat should be well understood when shopping for an engagement ring. Cut is the most important to ensure the most brilliance and shimmer from a stone. A stone that has poorly cut facets will not reflect light properly in the diamond, making it less brilliant. The other factors of clarity, color, and carat should be accommodated appropriately according to the budget. Customers should learn how the weight and size of a stone appear online versus in person. A diamond shown on a floating background online may appear larger on screen than in actuality, so carefully considering the carat size will ensure you get the right diamond for your money.

art deco diamond engagement ringEngagement rings bought online should offer a certification from a gemologist for the diamonds. This ensures customers are getting the quality as advertised from the retailer. This third-party certification is done without bias but gives the buyer peace of mind for their purchase. Rings bought online should also be shipped via tracked method and insured. Requiring a signature at delivery is another way to ensure the package doesn’t get lost. If the retailer doesn’t offer tracked shipping, then consider buying elsewhere because a buyer shouldn’t be out of pocket for an error in shipping. The return policy of the jewelry retailer is also an important factor. Engagement rings should be returnable, no questions asked. If the size or color or style is wrong, customers want to be able to find a different ring without the hassle of a no-return problem. These tips for buying engagement rings online are a great start to helping guys get the most for the money and out of their online search.

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