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Three Stone Gemstone Diamond Rings Collection

three stone aquamarine and diamond ringLooking for a classic style with a splash of color? Apples of Gold’s new collection of three stone gemstone and diamond rings may be just what you’re looking for! These styles, which showcase the beauty of amethyst, aquamarine, blue topaz and black diamonds, provide an up-to-the-minute interpretation of a much-loved style.

Rings which feature a center stone bordered by two smaller stones are nothing new, but the gemstones in this new selection of three stone gemstone rings take this style up a notch. These rings may be new, but their style is timeless. They offer perpetual glamour and will continue to do so for years to come.

A number of Apples of Gold’s new three stone gemstone rings feature a stone that offers a richness of color that few others can match: blue topaz. This unique gem is featured both on its own and in combination with the beauty of a diamond, creating rings that offer an unmistakable allure. Choose a style with a center diamond and blue topaz accents or one that puts blue topaz on center stage, depending on which stone you’d like to be the star. If you prefer the vibrant color of blue topaz to stand on its own, consider the Three Stone Blue Topaz Ring in 14k white gold, which lets three blue topaz stones make their own stunning statement.

three stone ruby diamond ringAquamarine is also featured in this new collection, offering a slightly more subtle blue than that of blue topaz. The cool sparkling hue of this stone gives a light touch of pastel beauty to three stone gemstone rings, whether it’s used on its own or in tandem with a classic diamond.

For a modern twist on a classic, try the 1/2 Carat Three Stone Black Diamond Ring in 14K white gold. Instead of white diamonds, this ring sets three cool black diamonds on a shining band, creating a look that’s minimalistic and irresistibly chic. This ring does basic black with sleek style that will truly compliment nearly any outfit.

For a rich splash of purple, consider one of Apples of Gold’s three stone gemstone rings that feature amethyst. In white gold or yellow gold, these styles give a regal look to a classic style.

Three stone gemstone rings are a classic for a good reason: they never fail to look fantastic, no matter what fashions are favored at the time. These new rings from Apples of Gold give this timeless style a colorful twist that will never fail to turn heads.

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