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Platinum vs. Titanium Wedding Bands


Are you torn between the lovely look of platinum and titanium wedding bands? If so, you are in luck. We are going to cover the important differences between platinum and titanium to help couples make an informed decision on which metal is right for their wedding bands. Once you’ve weighed all the factors against your individual needs, check out our extensive selection of both platinum and titanium wedding bands to find the perfect ring to symbolize your marriage.


titanium-wedding-ringThere is a large cost difference between platinum and titanium wedding bands. Platinum is the rarest metal in the world, and is priced accordingly. Titanium is much less dense of a metal, which means that a lot less of it goes further. This allows the same design in a titanium ring to be priced at four to five times less than the same ring crafted in platinum.

Titanium is clearly the budget-friendly option for a white metal that lasts. However, if prestige and heirloom quality are what you desire in a wedding band, consider opting for a platinum ring instead.


Platinum Flat Edge Wedding Band

Platinum Flat Edge Wedding Band

Sufferers of metal allergies no longer have to spring for an expensive platinum wedding band – titanium is also 100% hypoallergenic. Titanium bands can be made in the same designs as platinum wedding bands, so people with metal allergies can opt to buy the same stunning wedding band designs for titanium’s budget-friendly price.

Metal Strength & Wear

Though platinum is often thought of as being a very strong metal, this is only in comparison to gold. When put to the test against titanium, platinum comes in at second place. Titanium is the hardest natural metal in the world and is three times the strength of steel. This also makes titanium wedding bands much more dent, bend and scratch resistant than platinum.

titanium-hammered-bandsHowever, if a brilliant white look is a deciding factor in your wedding band purchase, it’s important to note that platinum doesn’t oxidize, though titanium can oxidize at high temperatures. Also, it is harder to have scratches polished out of titanium, more jewelers have the capability of restoring platinum to its original condition.

Finally, the two metals have definite weight differences. Titanium is a very lightweight metal, especially compared to platinum. Platinum is an incredibly dense metal that has a substantial heft to it. This is especially noticeable on wedding bands since they are worn around the clock, and can be a deciding factor for many couples. Some people enjoy the lightweight, free feel of titanium while others prefer a substantial feel to their wedding band.

Picking the perfect wedding band is really a personal decision; one that should be well thought out and carefully decided. If cost is the only determining factor for a couple on a budget, titanium is the ideal wedding band metal. For couples who only want the best and rarest, platinum wedding bands are the way to go. Most couples will have to weigh the many different factors before they can determine which metal is perfect for their needs.

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