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Purity Rings: A Commitment to Virtue

maltese-cross-diamond-and-white-gold-purity-ringDespite the popularity of sex, drugs and violence in the media, many young teens are turning their backs on these themes and instead turning to the Bible. In schools across the country, focusing on religion and purity is becoming a popular way of life for many middle school and high school students. From idols like the Jonas Brothers and Disney’s Selena Gomez to city kids and country teens, America’s youth is embracing purity as a socially accepted lifestyle. As a symbol of their commitment to religious ideals, these teens are choosing to wear ‘purity rings’ to proudly show off their beliefs to the world; a daily reminder of their desire to be virtuous.

What Exactly Does Purity Mean?

Purity encompasses a range of virtues, but the general idea is behind it is to possess a pure heart, pure mind and pure spirit. Being ‘pure’ is about purging sin from one’s life in order to embrace living in accordance to the virtues of the Bible. The well-known biblical quote “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” from Matthew sums up the drive behind teenagers’ commitment to purity. By living a virtuous life, the hope is that they will become closer to God and their religion.

Why Wear a Purity Ring?

Though purity rings receive the most notoriety for the wearer’s commitment to abstinence, it also encompasses much more than that. Being pure also means treating others kindly, generously, and setting a good example for others. Wearing a purity ring serves as a daily reminder of one’s promise to God and commitment to being virtuous. The meaning is similar to that of a wedding band; a powerful symbol of the person’s vows and commitment.

Where Can I Buy a Purity Ring?

A number of fine jewelry establishments sell purity rings, and Apples of Gold is proud to be among those retailers. We carry a wide selection of purity rings for both males and females who want to make a commitment to leading a virtuous life. Some of our favorite purity rings include a cross symbol on the jewelry to signify faith, including these two reasonably priced options:

Maltese Cross Diamond and White Gold Purity Ring

Simple and lovely, this purity ring (pictured at top) features a Maltese cross centered on the delicate solid white gold band and dotted with diamonds for a beautiful sparkle.

Cross and Heart Purity Ring in Diamond and Ruby or Diamond and Tanzanite

These beautiful purity rings come in solid white gold and the sparkle of diamonds plus the pop of color from a center stone ruby or tanzanite (above right).

If you are looking for a unique purity ring, check out our main page filled with beautiful purity ring designs for men and women.

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