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Rose Gold Hoop Earrings

rose-gold-hoop-earringsAfter a long lull in popularity, rose gold jewelry is becoming increasingly trendy and mainstream. The warm, rich shade of rose gold looks lovely against almost any skin tone, especially with a glimmer of spring and summer tan. Like rose gold, hoop earrings are also experiencing a resurgence in popularity. But despite the fact that the trendiness of hoop earrings waxes and wanes with the fashion scene, we feel that they are a mainstay in the stylish woman’s wardrobe. Hoops are simple enough to mesh seamlessly with most outfits, and can be worn year round, making them a jewelry box staple. Plus, hoop earrings come in a myriad of different sizes and widths, so women can choose the perfect pair to suit their lifestyle.

Since the different sizes of hoop earrings dictate how they should be worn, we’ve created a simple guide below for the best sized hoop earrings to wear for particular occasions. Read on to find out which hoops you should pull out to wear with that party dress and which are perfect for the office.

Office-Ready Rose Gold Hoops

For women who work in a conservative, business casual office environment, hoop earrings up to one inch in diameter are the perfect choice. Apples of Gold offers two lovely choices for rose gold hoops in this size range, the ¾” diameter and the 1” diameter (shown below, right). Despite the small size, the fact that the hoops are rose gold makes them an instant style statement. one-inch-rose-gold-hoop-earrings

Weekend Wear Rose Gold Hoops

Go slightly bigger in hoop size for casual night and weekend wear. 1 1/8” diameter hoops to 1 ½” diameter rose gold hoops are the ideal size for letting your hair down and relaxing in style. Date nights, brunch with the girls and family get-togethers are all perfect occasions to sport hoops up to 1.5”.

Party Perfect Rose Gold Hoops

For big nights out, only the boldest rose gold hoops will do. Make a big statement with a pair of 1.5” to 1.75” in diameter hoop earrings. They will draw attention up to your face, and are simple enough to pair with your best little party dress without competing.

Apples of Gold carries a wide selection of gold hoop earrings. If we haven’t highlighted a pair of hoops you love, check out our main page to browse all the hoops we have in stock. Happy hunting!

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