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Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet

Apples of Gold’s 14K Solid Rose Gold Bangle Bracelets are individually handmade for a superior and finer quality finish in comparison to standard every-day machine-made bangles. Each bangle’s weight is substantial and is ideal for every-day use.

Apples of Gold Jewelry individually crafts each rose gold bangle about 30% heavier than the standard machine-made gold bangle. This makes them perfectly suited for daily wear and life-time ownership.

Each bangle is available from 6mm to 25mm in width (1/4″ to 1″ wide).

Apples of Gold can also customize your bangle in a domed, rather than flat profile (shown above), or make it as heavy or as thick as you like. Also available in 18k rose gold by request, or as handmade white gold bangles or yellow gold bangles.

Apples of Gold originally developed this bangle for a customer who was tired of having to replace her bangles from too much wear and tear. She requested that we custom make her a 1″ bangle that was thick and heavy enough to wear every day of her life without it getting damaged. She specifically informed us that she is very rough on her jewelry and wanted to make sure we made her something she could pass down to her children.

She ended up with an 80.0 gram, 1″ bangle and we developed a new line of rose gold bangles based on her custom bangle, starting with a 1/4″ bangle all the way up to her custom-made wide 1″ statement bracelet.

View Each Rose Gold Bangle Below:

1/4″ Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet
1/4″ + Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet
5/16″ Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet
3/8″ Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet
7/16″ Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet
1/2″ Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet
5/8″ Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet
3/4″ Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet
7/8″ Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet
1″ Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet

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