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Ruby: July Birthstone

Ruby Ring 1Rubies are among the most spectacular of gemstones. Their fire, brilliance and sparkle have made them one of the most popular gems throughout the course of history, and even today they retain their spot as a coveted and valuable precious stone. In the Bible, rubies were one of the most precious gems of the time. There is a Bible passage that cites “wisdom” and “virtuous women” as being the only two things more valuable than a ruby.

Rubies, in ancient times, were known as the gem of kings. Throughout much of history the ruby was much more highly valued than diamonds thanks to their beautiful color. The rich red hue served as a symbol for power, courage and wealth, which explains it popularity among the royalty and aristocracy. The word ruby comes from the Latin word “ruber”, which means red. Though rubies are found throughout the world, the most brilliant and valued specimens of the gemstone hail from Myanmar, Thailand, Tanzania, India and Sri Lanka.  Ruby Ring 2

In more modern times, rubies retained their popularity thanks to their connotations with love, passion, vitality and desire. The deep red color of the gemstone made it a popular declaration of love during the Victorian era, and the ruby’s popularity as a precious stone has not waned since.  In Victorian times rubies were used as the center stone in engagement rings, as they were considered a profession of true love.  The ruby is today known as the July birthstone, as well as the gemstone associated with 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

Interestingly, rubies come from the same mineral as sapphires. The mineral corundum is responsible for creating both of the pretty precious gems, which is why both are such hardy, durable stones. Rubies are extremely strong and will last a lifetime, second only to diamonds with a hardness of 9 on the Mohr scale.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect July birthstone, want a 15th or 40th anniversary gift, or simply love the passionate, fiery symbolism of the ruby, Apples of Gold has a lovely selection of ravishing ruby jewelry to choose from.

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