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The Beauty of Baroque Pearls

Baroque tahitian pearl necklaceIf the idea of a pearl necklace seems outdated, you probably haven’t seen a baroque pearl necklace.  Unique, stunning and organically shaped, baroque pearls are Mother Nature’s proof that imperfection is beautiful. The unusual beauty of baroque pearls makes the jewelry fresh enough to appeal to the fashion set, while still retaining the classic, timeless look for which pearl jewelry is revered.

A baroque pearl is identical to a regular pearl, except for its unique shape. The unusual oblong look of baroque pearls are formed due to an irregularity in the typical coating process of the mussel or oyster. Since baroque pearls are comprised of the same material as round pearls, they come in a an equally wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Though baroque pearls are most commonly found in freshwater pearl varieties (due to the way the mussels are nucleated to form the pearl), gorgeous baroque Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea pearls also exist and are used in fine jewelry.Baroque south sea pearl necklace

At Apples of Gold, we appreciate the beauty of round and baroque pearls alike.  The funky, organic shape of baroque pearls is a must in every woman’s jewelry box, which is why we are proud to introduce our stunning baroque pearl necklaces.  The shapes of the baroque pearls vary from slightly oval to very elongated with swirls of color gradation, making each necklace a truly unique treasure. Every pearl lover should own a beautiful set of baroque pearls, as should all women who desire a well-rounded jewelry box.

Our scintillating selection of baroque pearl necklaces can be found on the Apples of Gold website. Though fine jewelry is usually all about perfection, we’d like to encourage you to go for baroque and embrace the beauty of imperfection.

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