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September Birthstone: Sapphire

Just as the heat and dazzle of summer gives way to the cooling of fall, so does September’s sapphire bring a change of pace from the fiery ruby of July and the chartreuse peridot of August. With its soothing watery depths, September’s birthstone is one of the most universally beloved gemstones.

Sapphire Myth and History

Sapphire, the same composition as the ruby, has been revered for thousands of years. Originally, all blue gemstones were referred to as sapphires, a term that comes from the Latin word ‘saphirus’ and the Greek word ‘sapheiros.’  The ancient Persians also revered the sapphire, and believed that the sky’s blue color was due to a reflection off the brilliant blue gemstone. Sapphire even has important biblical meanings – supposedly, the Ten Commandments were originally written on sapphire tablets, and in Judaism the sapphire is often a metaphor for heaven.

In more recent history, Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana with a sparkling sapphire engagement ring. Using sapphires as the center stone in an engagement ring is actually an old tradition, but one that modern couples are bringing back into vogue.

Sapphire Symbolism

Sapphires have developed a number of connotations and metaphysical meanings over their thousands of years of popularity. One of the most prevailing symbolic attributes of the sapphire is that of protection. People wore sapphires as protection from physical harm, diseases, night terrors, poverty, witchcraft, and depression. Many people today believe that sapphires have a calming power, and grant serenity and peace to the wearer – an application that is useful in meditation practice.

September Birthstone Jewelry

Thanks to the sapphire’s beautiful color that is universally appreciated, sapphire jewelry makes an ideal gift for women born in September. We have a fine selection of high quality sapphire jewelry gifts that fit into almost any budget, including some of our favorites below: 

Sapphire Stud White Gold Earrings

Simple, understated elegance is the best description for these lovely little sapphire stud earrings. You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who wouldn’t make these a part of her favorite accessories.

Three Stone Sapphire, Diamond and White Gold Ring

Despite the lovely, expensive stones used in this stunning sapphire ring (top left), it’s deceivingly affordable. This ring makes an unforgettable birthday present for a September-born loved one, and could even double as an engagement ring for couples looking to honor the stone’s tradition!

Make sure to hop on over to the main Apples of Gold site to view all of our September birthstone sapphire jewelry.

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