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October Birthstones: Opal and Pink Tourmaline

The October birthstone, the opal, is much like the month it belongs to: quiet and subdued, with streaks of brilliance that dance with fiery Fall colors. The opal is certainly one of the most interesting looking gems, which makes it perfect for October babies who have an eye for the unique. For October born ladies who love conventional girly glam in lieu of artsy and unique gems, the alternative October birthstone – pink tourmaline – makes the perfect present.

Opal History & Myth

Opal gemstones were highly regarded in the Middle Ages, as the rainbow of colors visible in the gem was thought to encompass all the mythical qualities of the other gemstones represented in the spectrum. Additionally, it was believed that opals, when wrapped in a bay leaf, had the power to make the possessor invisible to those around them. In the ancient world, leaders and monarchs even ingested ground opal, believing that it promotes healing and gave them protective powers.

Opal Properties

The opal is a very delicate gemstone due to its high water content and relative softness. Opal usually forms in the fissure of different types of rocks, most commonly limonite, basalt and sandstone. Ninety percent of all opal found is the white milky opal with lines of brilliant colors, and most opal jewelry is created with this milky form of opal. The vast majority of opal gemstones are mined in Australia, and not only is opal the October birthstone, it is the national gemstone of the land down under.

October Birthstone Jewelry: Opal and Pink Tourmaline

The only thing prettier than an opal gemstone might be an opal paired with diamonds. Get a loved one their October birthstone and a girl’s best friends with our opal and diamond heart necklace pendant in 14K solid white gold.

For the true glamour girl, go the route of the alternative October birthstone with our marquis and pink tourmaline diamond pendant. It’s a gorgeous, feminine pendant that is guaranteed to light up her face.

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