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SGT Morrow’s Surprise Engagement

Anyone who’s ever been separated from a loved one knows how difficult that can be so when Apples of Gold received an email from SGT Morrow, who was deployed in Afghanistan,  requesting a little help in finding his future fiance the perfect engagement ring, we were more then willing to help!  SGT Morrow informed us that he fell  in love with our Blue Diamond Solitaire Ring, however his girlfriend wasn’t one to wear jewelry nor was he aware of her ring size.  Understanding that he wanted to keep this a surprise, we helped answer every question he had and took additional photos of a few sample rings to help him decide.   His goal was to find the perfect ring she would love enough to wear all the time,  I think this goal was reached.  Below is his surprise engagement story:

“I’ve already gone and returned on my R&R visit home.  I picked up the ring on the very first day home at my parents house.

I had originally planned a ridiculously complicated and huge idea for proposing to Jessica.  But the plan had a big flaw in it.  It required me to wait an entire day to see her.

And that is something I just could not stomach.

I ended up driving to where she lives almost immediately upon arrival to my parents house.  I scrapped the entire plan (much to many of my friends’ dismay, as they were supposed to be a part of the large complicated plan), and decided that just seeing her meant more to me than anything.

Ring in hand, I made it to her house, knocked on the door, surprised the crap out of her (she didn’t know I was home from Afghanistan), and after many hugs and kisses just from seeing one another again…I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

It was quite possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever done (my anxiety definitely had a grip on me).  She started to cry and then in the quietest, softest, and sweetest voice I’ve ever heard, she said yes and grabbed me and held me.

It was absolutely the most amazing moment in my life to date.  I cannot even begin to express in words the happiness that came over me in that moment.  It was absolutely surreal.

This moment couldn’t have been possible without all your help and support.  She absolutely LOVES the ring (despite her adverse nature to jewelry), and after a quick resizing we did locally at a jeweler…it’s absolutely perfect.

I still am just in awe of how much thought and care [Apples of Gold has] taken to help me out.

Very Sincerely,

SGT Morrow”

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