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Smoky Quartz Jewelry

smoky-quartz-emerald-cut-earringsFew gemstones have the sexy, mysterious allure of smoky quartz. Ranging in tones from translucent grayish-brown to a deep, opaque dark brown, smoky quartz jewelry is one of the most underrated beauties of the gemstone world. The warm brown shades look beautiful against any skin tone, and the rarity of smoky quartz jewelry makes the pieces unique and striking. It’s not everyday you come across a woman wearing smoky quartz jewelry, which only adds to its intrigue.

Metaphysically, smoky quartz is a gentle stone for peace, meditation and staying power. Many believe that the gemstone also creates positive energy necessary to realize one’s goals and dreams.

Whether you believe in stones possessing metaphysical properties, it’s certain that the earthy, warm tones of smoky quartz jewelry make it beautiful to wear. Women who love unique jewelry, are bold in their fashion choices and who want accessories that exude a sexy allure will appreciate the beauty of  smoky quartz jewelry. For those brave enough to take on the gemstone, here are two beautiful modern rings and two pairs of classic earrings that make the cut:

Handmade Paisley Smoky Quartz Ring in Sterling Silver

This striking David Tishbi design is handcrafted in Israel from solid sterling silver. It’s the ideal choice for women who want a statement piece of jewelry that features smoky quartz as the star.

Beveled Globe Smoky Quartz Ring in Sterling Silver

david-tishbi-beveled-smoky-quartz-ring1Another design by David Tishbi, this ring celebrates the simplicity of design and lets the quartz make the statement. The result is a modern, quiet piece of smoky quartz jewelry that can be worn with just about anything.

Smoky Quartz and Diamond Earrings in 14K White Gold

Nothing sets off the beautiful color of smoky quartz like the sparkle of white gold and diamonds (pictured at top). And that is precisely why these emerald-cut, vintage style earrings are simply stunning.


Round Smoky Quartz and Diamond Earrings

Smoky quartz goes classic with these simple white gold studs. The design is timeless, but the use of unusual gemstone makes them modern in their own right.

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