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Black Titanium Wedding Bands

Men who do not consider themselves the ‘jewelry wearing’ type sometimes feel uncomfortable with the thought of wearing a wedding band every day. Concerns run the gamut from bending and scratching the ring to worries about the ring not feeling like ‘them’.

These are all valid concerns and should be considered carefully, since choosing a wedding band is a decision that will accompany you for the rest of your life (although, if you truly decide you do not like your band you can always purchase a new one). However, many guys who cannot picture themselves in a gold band can’t help but admire the unique, masculine look of titanium wedding bands.

Titanium wedding bands are naturally grayish in color, a few shades darker than both platinum and white gold bands. Titanium itself is a naturally hypoallergenic material, and the wedding bands can be created with a comfort fit design – making titanium wedding bands incredibly easy to wear. For guys concerned with beating up their wedding bands, titanium is the strongest natural metal. Though it may get scratched over time, a titanium wedding band will not easily bend or dent like a gold band. This makes titanium an ideal choice for men who work in a heavy-duty job that requires heavy lifting, mechanical work or manufacturing.

For guys who love the look of a titanium wedding band, our black titanium wedding bands are a handsome option. Our black titanium wedding bands are specially powder coated to ensure that the rich black color will not fade over time. The black designs set against titanium metal add a certain masculinity to the wedding band that many guys prefer. Here are some of our favorite black titanium wedding bands:

Lined Black Titanium Wedding Band

This sleek, modern wedding band (shown at top) would look just as appropriate in the pages of GQ as it would on an average Joe. The black lines running around the band let the ring stand out without making it look fussy.

Black Titanium Celtic Infinity Knot Wedding Band (Above, Top)

Celtic knots are such a masculine design, and our Black Titanium Celtic Wedding Band is no exception. The titanium band itself is simply polished, while the black hourglass-shaped infinity symbol knots its way around the ring.

Black Titanium Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding Band

black-titanium-celtic-heart-bandThis titanium wedding band is embellished with a Celtic love knot design. The design is abstract enough that it manages to still look masculine while representing unending love – perfect for the devoted gentlemen.

If you are interested in a titanium wedding band, check out our full selection of titanium rings that includes blue and black titanium bands, plus plenty of standard gray bands too.

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