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Starhaven Sterling Silver Crosses

Starhaven sterling silver cross necklaceWe made the exciting announcement last week that Apples of Gold now carries the coveted Starhaven jewelry line. Today we would like to showcase one of the classic jewelry pieces in the Starhaven collection, their ornate sterling silver crosses.  Embellished with the patented signature Starhaven scrollwork design, each of their sterling silver crosses is beautiful to behold.

The design itself symbolizes both strength and unity, which makes the scrollwork a poetic choice for a cross that symbolizes the same. Both intricate scrollwork and the cross are also ancient symbols that have stood the test of centuries, and look just as lovely worn today as they did in the middle ages and beyond. Thanks to the cross pendant’s popularity, the Starhaven sterling silver crosses make excellent gifts. If you are looking for that perfect birthday, anniversary or holiday present (or just a fabulous new piece of jewelry for yourself!), we’d like to recommend a few of our personal favorites in the line:

Starhaven Sterling Silver Signature CrossStarhaven sterling silver gothic cross

The Starhaven sterling silver signature cross (top left) is a true classic that is beloved by many. The clean, square lines of the cross are juxtaposed with ornate Starhaven swirls, all set against a sterling silver backdrop that seems to be etched with wooden whorls.  It’s a piece of jewelry that looks beautiful from far away but is truly awe-inspiring up close and in person.

Starhaven Sterling Silver Gothic Cross

If the signature cross is the timeless classic, then the Starhaven sterling silver Gothic cross (shown at right) is its romantic, darkly brooding younger sibling. The cross is characterized by the curved Gothic cross lines that are complemented by a sterling silver twisted rope necklace. Connoisseurs of Gothic romance will fall head over Starhaven sterling silver gothic cross earringsheels for this stunning Starhaven design.

Starhaven Sterling Silver Cross Earrings

For women who love wearing unique dangle earrings, the Starhaven sterling silver cross earrings (shown at left) are a beautiful choice. The earrings hang just a tad over an inch, the perfect size for everyday wear, but impressive enough to make a style statement. Though not as overtly curved as the Gothic cross necklace, the earrings do have a slight Gothic curve to the sides of the cross, lending them a subtle romantic vibe.

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