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Tips On Choosing Jewelry Gifts

Aquamarine and diamond ringIronically, studies have shown that the better we know someone, the harder it is to find them that perfect gift. Common knowledge would dictate that gift giving should be easier for those whom we know well, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. So what is a well-meaning gift giver to do in this conundrum? While good gifting is a practiced art, the upside is that a few simple tips and tricks based on the findings from this study can help us become better gifters.

Tip 1: Take a Step Back to Analyze

The reason a stranger can choose better gifts for our loved ones than we can is because they are able to analyze the person from a clearer perspective. When we know someone intimately, all of our feelings and experiences shared with this person tend to cloud our perspective of what they like. To find some clarity on the gift recipient’s likes and dislikes, take a step back and analyze them from an outsider’s david tishbi leaf spinner ringperspective.

Tip 2: Make a List

In the study, strangers were given a list of activities the intended gift recipient enjoys as well as a list of their personality traits. Making such a list can give you a more abstract view of the person you know, and will inevitably allow you to choose the perfect piece of jewelry based on their personality, personal style and hobbies.

Tip 3: Do Some Sleuthing

If your list has not given you enough insight, put on your detective hat and take the investigation one step further with some subtle sleuthing. When strolling about town together, be sure to stop by jewelry store windows and gauge the person’s reaction to the display. What pieces does he or she seem to be drawn towards? Big, bold fashion-forward rings? Dainty, delicate earrings? Simple, modern necklace pendants?  Take notes, and then seek out jewelry pieces that fit his or her taste. You just might be surprised to find that the jewelry she loves is the opposite of what you originally thought!

Once you’ve figured out the right style of jewelry to give your loved one, be sure to check out Apples of Gold’s selection of beautiful and affordably priced pieces, perfect for gifting and meant to last a lifetime.

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