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Stylish, Alternative Wedding Bands

david-tishbi-spinner-ringMany nontraditional couples look for ways to express themselves and their individuality through their choice of wedding bands. For these couples, finding exciting, original wedding band designs that are outside the mainstream can be a challenging task. Most wedding bands sold through stores and online tend to be fairly similar in design, lacking that special something that nontraditional, unique couples are looking for.

In hopes of providing these couples with a beautiful alternative to traditional wedding bands, Apples of Gold has just introduced exciting new jewelry designs to our already large selection of wedding bands: David Tishbi.

Exceptional Craftsmanship, Stunning Designs

David Tishbi’s jewelry designs are incredibly unique and special. Almost all of his creations encompass at least two types of metal, usually 14k gold and sterling silver. The use of gold in such pieces make them quality lifetime pieces that are fantastic options for alternative wedding bands. Since silver is also used, the price of these incredible designs are also affordable for today’s couple on a budget.

However, the craftsmanship in each of these designs is exceptional: each piece is handcrafted by experienced artisans in Israel, making every pieces slightly different and unique, just like each couple. The Lifetime Warranty and 45 day return policy means that we know you’ll love these rings when you receive them, and they will last through a lifetime of love.

Something for Everyone

Even traditional couples are drawn to David Tishbi’s designs, which are modern and timeless in their appeal. If a couple loves his designs but wants a traditional wedding band, his pieces make ideal wedding day gifts exchanged between the bride and groom. Here are some of our favorite designs:

Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Leaf Print Spinner Ring

This ring (shown at top) would make a stunning wedding band alternative for a man or woman with an eye for style. The four 14k gold bands spin freely over an oxidized patterned silver band, symbolizing both the change and constant in love and life.david-tishbi-small-pearl-ring

Handmade Pearl Ring in 14K Rose Gold and Silver

The textured, natural finish of this ring is an eye catching contrast to the beautifully smooth pearl resting in the rose gold bowl. This would even make a striking alternative to an engagement ring for couples on a budget who still want a unique piece of jewelry to commemorate their love. A larger version of this design is also available.

Antiqued Filigree Paisley Band in 14K Rose Gold and Sterling Silver

This ring would make the ideal wedding band for those with bold, fashion-forward thinking style. A wide band made with nickel-free sterling silver and 14k rose gold edges and an oxidized filigree center design. This piece is handcrafted in Israel and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

14K Gold and Sterling Silver Hammered Band

Those with simpler tastes will undoubtedly appreciate the quiet statement made by the hammered rose or yellow gold covered sterling silver bands.  The rings make a stylish alternative to the traditional wedding bands, and are surprisingly affordable too.

If you liked some of the styles above, check out our entire collection of David Tishbi’s designs at Apples of Gold. All come with the David Tishbi Lifetime Warranty when purchased from Apples of Gold, as an Authorized David Tishbi Retailer.

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