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March Birthstone: Aquamarine, “Sea Water”

The Aquamarine is one of the most treasured stones today for its hardness and resistance to elements. It is also considered the ‘poor man’s diamond’–while it is a hard mineral, it is abundantly mined since the 19th century in Brazil & Africa,  and therefore, more affordable than diamonds.

There is much lore attributed to the Aquamarine gemstone. Owing to its color,  the ancient Romans put into the user its name from the Latin word “aqua“, which means water; and “mare“, which means sea.   But the official reference to the gemstone was first applied in a significant publication on gemological study which was published in 1609 entitled, Gemmarum et Lapidum Historia by Anselmus de Boodt.  In one of the more famous stories, its origin is supposed to have come from the depths of the ocean, washed ashore in a jeweled trunk, supposedly a gift from the mermaids and from the Roman god of the sea, Neptune. Its direct reference to the sea also made the aquamarine a popular gem or amulet among sailors and pirates alike.

It was said that possession of the stone while on a sea voyage brought prosperity and insurance of safe passage no matter what the sea conditions might be.

But these are not the only known effects of Aquamarine to early societies. The aquamarine gemstone was also admired by the early Sumerians, Egyptians and Hebrews because it symbolized happiness and everlasting youth. It is also known to be effective in reconciliation of enemies, as an antidote to poison (during the middle ages), it blesses and prospers young love, reawakens love between married couples, render soldiers courageous and invincible in the face of battle, and as the wearer, it makes you friendlier, quicker in intellect and is a supposed cure of laziness. Like many gemstones, much mystical power is attribute to it–some false, and one hopes, some true.

On the biological front, aquamarine was considered a popular cure for afflictions that involved the digestive tract.

And yet, the most interesting history of the Aquamarine gemstone is its supposed ability to foretell the future. That’s right, this stone in crystal form is a favorite among fortune tellers.

The Aquamarine, it has been said, is also the perfect and appropriate post-honeymoon gift to your bride after your first night as husband and wife.

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