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Gold $1200 per ounce?  In Our Sights!

Gold $1200 per ounce? In Our Sights!

Gold closes the day going into Thanksgiving at just short of the next milepost above: $1192.40.   Experts say we are at the start of what might be termed a “gold bull market” that can be expected to last several years.   Here at applesofgold.com, we certainly expect it will hit the $1200 mark within the next several […]

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“The Real Price of Gold”

“The Real Price of Gold”

The price of gold slipped slightly last week, which is in stark contrast to what the so-called “experts” said to expect long term.  Analysts at Morgan Stanley and UBS said Wednesday they expect gold prices to trade higher in 2009, benefiting from some safe-haven buying as well as long-term concerns about inflation. One expert said […]

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