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The Emerald Option

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, as much as we love traditional diamond engagement rings, we can’t help loving the bold, unexpected style of a colored gemstone crowning your most cherished symbol of love and commitment.

May is the month of the emerald, so before we tear off the calendar page, here’s one last look at this striking gemstone. Here we highlight that special piece of jewelry that adorns your fourth finger.

Green is a symbol of life and renewal, and given its natural calming properties, if you look at it long enough, you are guaranteed to feel your stress level go down—perfect for marriage!

Emeralds are not only stunning to look at but they’re an incomparable value. A completely flawless emerald is rare, but even if you did find one, you might not be so impressed. It is actually the tiny, microscopic flaws, known as inclusions, that give the emerald its deep, dark, rich green color. In the case of the emerald, the imperfections work in its favor.

Emeralds traditionally have a signature rectangular cut, but this isn’t your only option. Many emerald engagement rings also feature a round-cut or even a marquise.

The Emerald and Diamond Victorian Ring shown here is the perfect engagement ring for the green-lover. But your lady doesn’t need to be an outdoorswoman in order to adore this ring. Crafted in 14k white gold and set with a round ¾ carat emerald, the Victorian design gives the ring classy, traditional style. Six small diamonds surround, giving the ring extra sparkle. A beautiful ring; an attractive value.

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