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Uncommon Beauty, Uncommon Gemstones

How many gemstones can you name? If you list includes diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire, it’s time to expand you GQ (Gemological quotient). The world is filled with beautiful and fascinating gemstones—many that we rarely see. Keep reading to learn about the gemstones that bring a new sparkle and allure to the world of jewels and gems.


Smoky Quartz

With the recent surge in the popularity of the chocolate diamond, smoky quartz has also become a favorite option if you’re seeking the rich, warm look of a brown gemstone. Quartz is a versatile gemstone because it comes in such a wide range of colors. Amethyst and onyx are also members of the quartz family. The 3.97 Carat Smokey Quartz and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold shows off the luxurious depth of this brown stone. Set in 14k white gold and surrounded by four diamonds, this ring is a stunning choice for the woman seeking a bold and uncommon piece of jewelry.


Pink Topaz

The topaz is a time-honored stone and well-loved for the variety of colors in which it is found. The topaz also has Biblical significance—it represents one of the tribes of Israel, was used in decorating the priestly garments, and will adorn the walls of the New Jerusalem. Given the popularity of the color pink, the pink topaz is a hot seller for the woman who loves to accentuate her femininity. The Three Stone Pink Topaz Ring, 14K White Gold features one princess-cut pink topaz surrounded by two round cut stones.


Rose Kunzite

Kunzite is actually relatively new on the gemstone scene. It was first discovered just a little over one hundred years ago, but its subtle rosy violet hue gives it a special appeal for the woman with a feminine, delicate style. If you are looking for that gemstone that many will never have even heard of, kunzite is a sparkling option. This Vintage Rose Kunzite Ring in 14K White Gold features the modern kunzite stone set in a traditional, elegant setting.


London Blue Topaz

The London Blue Topaz is of the same stone family as the pink topaz. The topaz is known for its rainbow shades and comes in a variety of colors and hues making it a popular stone for jewelry. The deep blue color of the London blue topaz is rich and captivating. If you love sapphires, you’ll love the smoky blue color of the blue topaz. These 3.40 Carat Emerald-Cut London Blue Topaz Stud Earrings are especially captivating on a woman with blue eyes!


If you are looking for a unique, different, uncommon gemstone there’s more! Consider garnet, green amethyst, blue and black diamonds, pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, or a unique cultured pearl—all available from Apples of Gold.


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